When two is better than three: Dual antithrombotic therapy cuts bleeding risk

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Anticoagulants used for arrhythmia can have different thrombus formation rates
Sciencedaily.com - Anticoagulants are recommended for atrial fibrillation due to the high risk of stroke. However, bleeding complications can occur as a side effect. Researchers in Japan examined several types of anticoagulants and found that the rates of thrombus formation are different according to the type of drug. This difference may be related to the risk of side effects, especially intracranial bleeding.
Implanted cardiac monitors indicate incidence of undiagnosed AFib may be substantial in high-risk patients
Sciencedaily.com - With the use of implanted cardiac monitors researchers found a substantial incidence (nearly 30 percent) of previously undiagnosed atrial fibrillation (AF) after 18 months in patients at high risk of both AF and stroke, according to a new study.
Catheter ablation better than traditional drug therapies for treating atrial fibrillation
Sciencedaily.com - Ads from Inoreader • Remove New study shows radiofrequency catheter ablation lowered hospitalization and mortality rates by 47 and 44 percent respectively in patients with atrial fibrillation (AF), a contributing factor to heart failure.