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Vaccine Blocks Psychostimulant Drug in Mice: Study - Ads from Inoreader • Remove Scientists also show that fenethylline's chemical constituents work together to produce its rapid, potent effects, which have been exploited by Islamic State fighters.

Image of the Day: No Table Manners - Ancient bones of the newly described toothless, stout-nosed dolphin Inermorostrum xenops suggest that it slurped its food.

Interactive Infographic: State Laws for Medical Aid-in-Dying - In six states and the District of Columbia, terminally ill patients can get a perscription for a life-ending drug, and several additional states are considering legalizing the practice.

Image of the Day: Stretchy Chicken Skin - In a developing chicken embryo, skin cells pull on each other, forming multicellular mounds that eventually turn into properly-spaced feathers.

Rainy Season Likely to Exacerbate Yemens Cholera Outbreak - Pregnant and lactating women are particularly vulnerable to the disease.

Robotic Orthotics Aid Gait in Kids with Cerebral Palsy - Ads from Inoreader • Remove The wearable technology, akin to motorized leg braces, help children with physical disabilities extend their knees as they walk.

Biosensing Chewing Gum for Oral Disease Detection: Study - Ads from Inoreader • Remove The sensor is meant to trigger a bitter taste in the presence of inflammation-related enzymes.

Vitamin C Depletion Accelerates Leukemia in Mice - High levels of vitamin C absorbed by blood-forming stem cells are important for their normal development.

Accessing Drugs for Medical Aid-in-Dying - A fraught market for the barbiturates prescribed to terminally ill patients who choose to end their lives has physicians turning to options outside big pharma.

Vitamin C Blocks Leukemia Progression in Mice - Ads from Inoreader • Remove High-dose vitamin C injections reverse the effects of a leukemia-promoting genetic deficiency.

Tiny Motors Deliver Ulcer Medication in Mouse Stomachs - The mini machines treated infection somewhat better than antibiotics plus the typical proton pump inhibitor medication.

Sugars in Breast Milk Kill Pathogenic Bacteria: Study - Oligosaccharides from one mom wiped out a group B strep colony in culture.

Seeding the Gut Microbiome Prevents Sepsis in Infants - An oral mix of a pre- and probiotic can decrease deaths from the condition, according to the results of a large clinical trial conducted in rural India.

Custom-Made Molecules - A new prototype machine can make the biological molecules of one's choice from digital DNA sequences.

LabQuiz: Are You a Cell Culture Expert? - Cell culture smarts are critical to the reproducibility of your research. Are you an inCelligent expert or just an amateur inCellectual? Take the quiz to get your rank!

Peanut Allergy Treatment Works Long Term - Four years after taking a probiotic and peanut protein for 18 months, two-thirds of children in a small clinical trial can eat peanuts with no health issues.

Primate Brains Made to See Old Objects as New Again - Optogenetic stimulation of the perirhinal cortex can cause macaques to process never-before seen-objects as familiar and known objects as brand new.

First Organ-Specific Tissue Sheets - The material is durable, flexible, and can serve as a scaffold for cell growth, a study shows.

Pregnant Women Absent from Zika Vaccine Trials - Some vaccine developers are taking steps to include them, in line with bioethicists' urging, but it will likely take years before any expectant mothers are enrolled.

A Potential Remedy for the Aging Brain - Ads from Inoreader • Remove In mice, injected fragments of a naturally occurring protein boost memory in young and old animals and improve cognition and mobility in a model of neurodegenerative disease.

First In Vivo Function Found for Animal Circular RNA - Mice lacking the RNA had deregulated microRNAs in the brain, disrupted synaptic communication, and behavioral abnormalities associated with neuropsychiatric disorders.