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Is a Jägerbomb more dangerous than a gin and tonic?
Research seems to link energy drink cocktails with higher alcohol consumption and an increase in negative consequences. How bad can a vodka Red Bull be?The majority of research suggests that people who drink alcohol mixed with energy drinks (AmED) consume higher quantities of alcohol than non-AmED drinkers. This is then associated with an increase in behaviours with potentially very serious negative consequences, such as drink driving and unplanned unprotected sex. The general assumption behind this link is that energy drinks might mask the intoxicating and impairing effects of alcohol. It’s very easy to say we would never have unprotected sex or drink and drive when we’re sober, but after a few drinks our inhibitions fall away, and we may feel carefree and invincible. If you also reduce the sedative effects of alcohol by consuming energy drinks, you’re going to feel more awake and perhaps less impaired (although you will still be impaired).